IMG Learfield Partner Since 2011

1 Beaver Stadium,
University Park, PA 16802


Lowell Berg

General Manager

Office: 814-863-1250

Lowell began working with IMG Learfield Ticket Solutions in April 2012 as an Account Executive at Syracuse University. He joined the Penn State team in July 2013 as a Senior Account Executive with the Nittany Lions. Lowell's dedication to the business afforded him a well-deserved promotion to the General Manager role of IMG Learfield's Penn State property in August 2014.  Prior to working with IMG Learfield, Lowell worked with Ohio University Athletics, the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Southern Ohio Copperheads while in school at Ohio University. A native of Goldens Bridge, NY he majored in Sport Management with a minor in Business Administration and a Certificate in Professional Sales at Ohio University.

Ashik Idrisy

Manager, Data Analytics

Office: 814-321-7562

Ashik started working for IMG Learfield Ticket Solutions in September 2015. His primary role is to support business decisions in sales development and marketing strategy at the Penn State University property through data analytics. By implementing data mining techniques such as regression, classification, and clustering, Ashik will develop strategic insights into customer purchases, behaviors, and networks. Prior to working with IMG Learfield, Ashik worked as a Scientific Analyst at Thomson Reuters. Ashik completed his graduate degree in Computational Astrophysics at The Pennsylvania State University in 2015. During this time, Ashik worked as a lecturer and researcher.

James Grecco

Associate General Manager

Office: 814-867-2544

James Grecco earned a promotion to Associate General Manager at Penn State. James has been with the company since July 2013 as the first ever Sales Representative in company history. James worked his way up from a Sales Rep, to Account Executive, to Senior Account Executive, and now Associate GM. Since January 1, James has sold 416 new football season tickets for more than $150k plus 2,308 football group tickets for more than $200k. In his new role, James will run the day-to-day operations of our sales staff and serve as the sport expert for men's ice hockey, women's ice hockey, men's basketball, and women's basketball. Please congratulate James on his continued growth with IMGLTS at


William McGrath

Senior Account Executive

Office: 814-867-2536

Anthony Tate

Senior Account Executive

Office: 814-865-5996

Brad Spangler

Account Executive

Office: 814-867-2553

David Kearney

Account Executive

Office: 814-863-1123



Erica Russo

Account Executive

Office: 814-867-2557

Nate Diminick

Account Executive

Office: 814-867-2546

Samuel Starrett

Account Executive

Office: 814-863-1222

Seth Robbins

Account Executive

Office: 814-867-2541

Brent Kepner

Account Executive

Office: 814-863-1124

Austin Scitti

Sales Representative

Office: 814-867-6098

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