August 2020 Birthdays

Bill Falk, August 1 – NAU Jackson Smith, August 1 – ACC Jacob Johnson – August 4 – Oklahoma Maddy Davis, August 7 – Oregon Will McGrath, August 9 – Penn State  Lee Harris – August 9 – WVU Marcus Madlock – August 10 – Oklahoma  Scott Tester – August 16 – Leadership Team Brandon… Read more »

July 2020 Employee Updates

Congratulations! We would like to recognize a few employee transitions and promotions that have taken place over the past month. Congratulations to all! Matt Sanchez, Director of Training and Development, Leadership Team Matt Sanchez was recently promoted to the Director of Training and Development for Learfield IMG College Ticket Solutions.  Matt began his LIMGC career… Read more »

Football Season Ticket Benchmark Study: Learfield IMG College Ticket Solutions Data Analytics

Football Season Ticket Benchmark Analysis Learfield IMG College Data Analytics Team Learfield IMG College Ticket Solutions recently completed  the Football Season Ticket Benchmark project. The Data Analytics Team collected season ticket prices for all schools in the Power 5 and AAC conferences. In addition to collecting pricing information we also collected contextual data about the… Read more »

Best Practice Sharing: 2020 Football Season Brainstorm

Football 2020 Ticketing Plans: Best Practice Sharing Call June 2nd, 2020 Last Tuesday, the Ticket Solutions leadership team, university General managers and many of our partners joined together to share and develop plans for the upcoming 2020 Football Season. With the fluidity of the current climate in the sports industry, Ticket Solutions knows now more… Read more »

Learfield IMG College Launches Fanbase, A New Data and Analytics Solution

A few weeks ago, Learfield IMG College introduced Fanbase, a new data and analytics platform, to provide Athletic Departments with deeper insight into fan behavior, while also enabling stronger partnerships between universities and their fans. Due to the scope of our company, and the various solutions we offer to universities across the country, Learfield IMG… Read more »

June 2020 Birthdays

Candice Vaughn, June 3 – Houston Stephen Coffman, June 4 – Oklahoma Natasha Vital, June 9 – Cal Warren Verrett, June 9 – Cal  Jacob Robison, June 10 – NCAA Casey VanSickle, June 14 – Washington St Shawn Phillips, June 19 – Penn State AJ Arem, June 22 – Leadership Team Omari Williams, June 24… Read more »

May 2020 Birthdays

Brett Wallace, Leadership Team – May 1 Brandon Sims, Georgia – May 3 Dylan Ward, Virginia Tech – May 5 Tyler Reichwein, Leadership Team – May 9 Justin Besz, Oklahoma – May 12 Kevin King, Oklahoma – May 12 Megan Gregory, SMU – May 13 Eric Koenemann, TCU – May 14  Jonathan Hudson, West Virginia… Read more »

Working Together: COVID-19 Relief Efforts by Our Partners

Many of our teams are working with their sponsorship team to partner with local organizations and give back to their communities. See below on how our teams are giving back to the heroes fighting COVID-19 on the front lines.   Hometown Heroes: UTC Athletics in Partnership with Jack’s Family Fund The University of Tennessee –… Read more »