May 2020 Birthdays

Brett Wallace, Leadership Team – May 1 Brandon Sims, Georgia – May 3 Dylan Ward, Virginia Tech – May 5 Tyler Reichwein, Leadership Team – May 9 Justin Besz, Oklahoma – May 12 Kevin King, Oklahoma – May 12 Megan Gregory, SMU – May 13 Eric Koenemann, TCU – May 14  Jonathan Hudson, West Virginia… Read more »

Working Together: COVID-19 Relief Efforts by Our Partners

Many of our teams are working with their sponsorship team to partner with local organizations and give back to their communities. See below on how our teams are giving back to the heroes fighting COVID-19 on the front lines.   Hometown Heroes: UTC Athletics in Partnership with Jack’s Family Fund The University of Tennessee –… Read more »

Working Together During Unprecedented Times

Working with our Partners By now, it is very apparent our country and globe are undergoing very unprecedented times. Two weeks ago, our teams across the country transitioned to a Work-From-Anywhere plan. We applaud all of our individual teams and partners for making a quick and seamless adjustment to the given circumstances. As the Ticket… Read more »

Work From Anywhere – Successes

WFA Successes – Ticket Solutions As we continue to get settled into our new “normal”, Working From Anywhere, check out a few highlights from our teams during the past two weeks! Given our industry, and all the event cancellations worldwide, now is the time for us to be innovative, creative and most importantly, empathetic.  … Read more »

April 2020 Birthdays

Evan Bedard, Oregon – April 4 Harley Whitehouse Jr, UNC – April 9 Tim Clark, Illinois – April 15 Matt Harman, Virginia Tech – April 116 Kevin Kirkhoff, Indy Eleven – April 19 Mark Curtis, Oklahoma – April 21 Austin Bishop, Illinois – April 23 Adam Schane, Oregon – April 24 Andrew Dardaris, Colorado –… Read more »

Capitalizing on Spring Games – Ticket Talk

Capitalizing on Spring Games Now that it is March, it is almost time for Spring Games! This is a great opportunity to drive renewals and revenue. Check out what some of our partners and sales teams have done in the past or are executing this year to help drive attendance, ticket sales and additional revenue… Read more »

March Madness! Group Outings and Deposits

March Madness! Check out some highlights on some of our most significant group promotions around the country this basketball season. HALF-TIME DANCE PERFORMANCES One of the Bulldogs best group outings from this season was a youth group who attended a non-conference week night game where they got to perform a dance number during halftime. Tickets… Read more »